Vision and Mission

The Vision of PEARL is:

To firmly establish PEARL as an international flagship observatory in Canada, enabling Arctic science and providing the highest quality data in support of atmospheric and climate research for a sustainable future

The Mission of PEARL is:

PEARL enables researchers to conduct ground-breaking science in the High Arctic,

providing a Canadian perspective on this unique region to the world by:

  • Measuring chemical, radiative, and dynamical properties of the Arctic atmosphere from the surface to ~100 km;
  • Spearheading new research on Arctic pollution, weather, and climate;
  • Providing transparent evidence-based information for decision-makers;
  • Developing, testing, and deploying new equipment in the remote Arctic environment;
  • Encouraging and supporting other national and international research groups to work at PEARL;
  • Disseminating the data from PEARL to Canada and the world; and
  • Inspiring the next generation of Canadians through public outreach activities and unique training opportunities

The PEARL Strategic Plan 2022-2027