Prof. Norm O’Neil

Norm O’Neill is a co-founder of the AEROCAN network (a sub-network of AERONET) and the founder of a small pan-Canadian network of starphotometers. His spectral deconvolution (SDA) algorithm is employed in the production of a standard, Level 2 product as part of the AERONET processing chain. The optical division of aerosols (specifically aerosol optical depth) into sub and super micron sizes and the coherency of these retrievals with analogous parameter profiles from Lidar data has been a research focus of O’Neill’s over the past few years. He is also the mentor of the photometry suite at PEARL and has been a PI or co-PI of numerous aerosol remote sensing projects.

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Phone: 819-821-8000 ext-62965

Université de Sherbrooke