Dr. Pierre Fogal

I am the CANDAC/PEARL site manager responsible for over-seeing day-to-day operations on site and the organization of visits, campaigns, etc. to the PEARL site. My research instruments include infra-red spectroscopic measurements of atmospheric composition. Techniques used include both “transmission” where the infra-red energy transmitted through the atmosphere is measured , as well as “emission” where the energy is actually emitted by the atmosphere itself. These measurements are usually carried out by using a Fourier Transform Infra-Red (FTIR) spectrometer. Non CANDAC/PEARL areas of research include similar measurements from other locations and from stratospheric balloon platforms. I have an interest in related spectroscopic measurement techniques including long-path FTIR.

Email: pierre.fogal@utoronto.ca

Phone: 416-978-8991

University of Toronto Department of Physics